The unpublished and revealing papers of Gabriel García Márquez

Not even his children knew they existed. In one of the sessions of the VI Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Festival, his widow, Mercedes Barcha, revealed and presented 'Los papeles de Gabo:

unpublished originals, typographical sources, and other revelations'. As reported by the newspaper 'El Nuevo Día', various texts, illustrations, first editions, and four unpublished works, including three stories were presented, which Barcha donated. The legacy of the writer is composed of 44 boxes with 3,000 books published in 46 languages. This wasn’t the only secret Gabo was keeping, however. Among the books and documents, the archives presented by Barcha also included strands of hair, and cards from a Japanese publisher sending the Colombian writer "the first edition of El colonel (sic)." The collection also includes 66 typed sheets, which are attributed to García Márquez. "And something that we did not have until now – several versions of the same text, which allows us to see what Gabo was doing at that moment, what he was thinking at that moment," Sergio Sarmiento, researcher at the Luis Ángel Arango Library in Bogotá, where the archives will be displayed, explains to 'El Nuevo Día.'

Read the whole article here: EL MUNDO - CULTURA 

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