Publishing house Deliberar is born in an encounter with thoughts

Ediciones Deliberar is born from the concept of maintaining an exchange of ideas, as opposed to a debate, which is a confrontation between ideologies

The publishing house will favor dialogue, interviews, and author correspondence. To deliberate is to converse with someone else’s reasoning, thus enriching your own, and without imposing them on someone else. It’s weighing the pros and cons before deciding, considering all different opinions and not just one’s own prejudices. Etymologically, to debate means to beat, shake, fight, combat… To deliberate, on the other hand, comes from the word boulé, a council or assembly in which free citizens in Greece talked and exchanged points of view. Deliberation is the specific method of finding rapport, the harmony among what is different, the contrast without hostility, tolerance, and mutual understanding between people and groups with differing opinions and value systems.

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