The world Spanish speakers have already reached 572 million, 5 million more than a year ago

These are some of the news that the Cervantes Institute will debate during the presentation of the yearbook “El español en el mundo 2017” ("Spanish in the World, 2017"), in a ceremony which will showcase speeches by its director, Juan Manuel Bonet, and Fernando García Casas, Spanish secretary of State for International Cooperation with Ibero-America and the Caribbean. ......

In this way, Spanish is still the second mother tongue with the highest number of users, second only to Mandarin Chinese (950 million).

Nowadays the Spanish language is spoken by 7.8 percent of the world population, a percentage that will remain unchanged until at least 2050, while the proportion of Chinese and English speakers keeps decreasing, according to the yearbook. 

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Original source of information: Diario de Cultura

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