US Panel's Choice

El soldado de plomo

READER: Teresa Mlawer

This is a truly captivating modern adaptation of The Little Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Andersen. Beautifully illustrated by Page Tsou, this book received the International Award for Illustration at the Bologna Book Fair 2011.

El espejo negro

READER: Eduardo de Lamadrid

Alfonso Domingo's El espejo negro won the Ateneo de Sevilla XLIII Prize for the Novel. Standing midpoint between a historical novel and a thriller, this novel recounts the story of different lives united by a common pictorial passion: Hieronymus Bosch. The story is told from various points of view, by the artist himself (15th century), by emissaries of Philip II (16th century), by collectors (end of 19th century and first half of 20th century), and by a scholar who specializes in medieval art and works for the Prado museum (21st century).

El año del calipso (The Calypso Year)

READER: Eduardo de Lamadrid

Voluptuousness, transgressive words, narrated sensuality, eroticism and pure sexuality: these are the forms of expression used by Abilio Estevez in El año del calipso to describe corporal intimacy and the energy of the conscience. Obscene diction is one response to the interdictions and lies and moral deceptions of every time and society. With these expressive attributes, Estevez uses the simple narration of a few events to underscore his capacity for invention.

El amante uruguayo (The Uruguayan Lover)

READER: Eduardo de Lamadrid

The Lorca legend and the myths that surround his death seemingly have no end. His final resting place is still unknown, and now, after the rediscovery of the writer of Enrique Amorim, an Uruguayan millionaire who was Lorca's lover when the latter was in Argentina, the question arises if Amorim was able to steal Lorca's body.

El fruto del baobab

AUTHOR: Maite Carranza
GENRE: Fiction/adult
READER’S NAME: Maria del Carmen Rivero
DATE: 6/29/13

El misterio Velázquez

AUTHOR: Eliacer Cansino
PUBLISHER: Editorial Bruño
GENRE: Ficción histórica
READER’S NAME: Teresa Mlawer
DATE: Junio 14, 2013

El río del Edén

AUTHOR: José María Merino
PUBLISHER: Alfaguara
GENRE: Novel/Literature
READER’S NAME: Monica Chapa Domercq
DATE: June 23, 2013

Anoche anduve sobre las aguas

AUTHOR: Irene Gracia
GENRE: Short Novel
READER’S NAME: Adan Griego
DATE: April 15, 2015

El sueño del retorno

AUTHOR: Horacio Castellanos Moya
GENRE: Fiction (Novel)
READER’S NAME: Adan Griego
DATE: June 27th, 2013

Una madre

AUTHOR: Alejandro Palomas
PUBLISHER: Siruela Nuevos Tiempos
GENRE: Novel
READER’S NAME: Lynn Leazer
DATE: April 4, 20/15

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