Children/Young: ¡Qué lío cósmico!

Author: Montserrat Balada Herrera
-Carambuco Ediciones
-US Release Date: 01-01-2013
-Reviewed by:Teresa Mlawer
-Review Release:June 15, 2013

Estelarious is a great astronomer and inventor.  His latest invention is a space scooter.  He is convinced that his new invention will change the course of space travel.

One day, while working in his astronomy lab, he notices strange things happening in the cosmos.  Everything is out of order:  the colors of the rainbow are totally out of place. The Sun and the Moon are not where they should be, and the planets are playing hide and seek.  

Estelarious decides to travel to space in his new scooter, and discovers the real reason for this chaos:  It is FIESTA DAY in the Universe! 

An entertaining book for small children, that also tells the story in sign language.  The book is accompanied by a DVD especially designed for the deaf.

Even though I liked the story and the fact that the sign language is part of the book (you don’t see this too often) I think it might be a difficult book to translate because the Spanish sign language is also represented by drawings.