Author: Pepe Monteserín
- Fiction
- Barbara Fiore Editora
- ISBN: 9788415208105
- Release Date: 10-01-2011
-Reviewed by: Teresa Mlawer

The text of the book Casualidad is concise and precise with a certain rhythm to it.  There are no particular characters in the book. The book is narrated by a young man who was born and raised in a very windy town, and who does not believe in circumstances.  “Circumstances are an excuse for people who do not understand the meaning of things” says the narrator.  It’s actually the “circumstances” surrounding the town he lives in that constitute the main theme of the book.  It’s also a love story. The narrator is in love with Racha. She leaves him due to chance: because she ended on the petal “he loves me not.”  It’s sad and poetic.

What make this book unusual and interesting are the illustrations. According to interviews with the illustrator, it took him eight years to complete the illustrations for this book.    

This is a book more for adults than for children, for people who love and appreciate art, for people who love big cities, and are interested in building, sidewalks, store windows, and people watching.  If you are looking for a hidden message behind this book, you won’t find it. This is a book for a curious mind.


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