Newsletter #104, August 2015

 This Newsletter features new releases like "Medusa" by Alberto Vázquez-Figueroa and "Espías y la vida secreta" by José Luis Caballero, an interview with Nick Caistor, a British translator, and American actor, director, screenwriter, and producer Vin Diesel as "Amigo del Español"

Newsletter #103, June 2015

 This Newsletter features new releases like "Antagonía" by Luis Goytisolo and "La Invasión de las ratas" by Gustavo Fondevilla, an interview with Margaret Jull Costa, literary translator, and American actor Chris Pratt as "Amigo del Español".

Newsletter #102, May 2015

 This Newsletter features new releases like "Atada a tu piel" by Víctor García Barco and "La doble vida de Jesús" by Enrique Serna, an interview with Roxana Benavides, supervising librarian at Sunset Park Library, and actress Patricia Arquette as "Amigo del Español".

Newsletter #101, April 2015

 This Newsletter features new releases like "La literatura es mi venganza" by Mario Vargas LLosa and " Viajar por la vida" by Gaby Pérez Islas, an interview with Gregory Rabassa, NSB translator and film director Quentin Tarantino as "Amigo del Español"

Newsletter #100, March 2015

 This Newsletter features New Releases like "El guardián invisible" by Dolores Redondo and "Hasta siempre mujercitas" by Marcela Serrano, an interview with Laura Ceballos ( and actress, filmaker Angelina Jolie as "Amigo del Español".

Newsletter #99, February 2015

 This Newsletter features new releases like "Caminar con Jesús" by Papa Francisco and "Jardín" by Pablo Simonetti, an interview with Edith Grossman (NSB), legendary translator critic and Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne as "Amigo del Español".

Newsletter #98 January, 2015

 This Newsletter features new releases like ""Memorias en blanco y negro" by Alfredo Relaño and "Malala, mi historia" by Malala Yousafzai, an interview with Margaret Carson, a member of the PEN Translation Committee, and American actress Claire Danes as "Amigo del Español".

Newsletter #97 November-December, 2014

 This Newsletter features new releases like "Nueva York después de muerto" by Antonio Hernández and "Ultramar" by Pilar de Arístegui, an interview with Chema Ramos, CEO and Executive Director of Editorial Edinumen, and Brittish actor Christian Bale as "Amigo del Español".

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