Children/Young: ¿Es esa mi gata?

Author: Jonathan Allen
- Children/Young
- Ediciones Urano
- ISBN: 9788416773091
- Release Date: 03-31-2017


¿Es esa mi gata? ¡No puede ser! Mi gata es una delgada y elegante minina y esta gata no lo es. Entonces, ¿es esa mi gata?... Una divertida y sorprendente historia con un gran final.

“Is that my cat? It can't be. My cat is a slim, sleek pussy cat.” But something's up with this rather large kitty—the same one who used to fit through the cat door, climbed trees fearlessly, and always wanted to play. Now, it takes two hands to pick her up, and now this fussy eater finishes all her food! In true Jonathan Allen style, the story unfolds little by little, page by page—keeping us guessing right until the end, when we get a BIG, happy surprise. Perfect for the littlest cat lovers!



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