Children/Young: La guerra del bosque

Author: Jaume Copons
- Children/Young
- Combel Editorial
- ISBN: 9788491010401
- Release Date: 02-01-2017


Agus and his friends can’t go on an adventure without running into trouble. This time, the evil Dr. Brot and his assistant Nap are provoking a war between fairies and dwarfs over an ancient gold coin! Will Hole the axe come to the rescue in time?

Agus y sus amigos ¡no pueden ni ir tranquilos de excursión! En esta aventura, el pérfido Dr. Brot y su ayudante Nap provocan una guerra entre las hadas y los duendes de Verduria ¡por culpa de una moneda de oro del año catapún! Hole podrá demostrar que, además de ser un hacha haciendo agujeros, ¡también es un gran héroe! Hi! I'm Agus Pianola, your friend who lives in a room full of monsters.

The perfidious Dr Brot kicked them out of the Book of Monsters and the poor things had nowhere to go. But the worst is that Dr Brot and his assistant Nap have also come to harass them. We can't even go hiking! Now they want to start a war between the fairies and the dwarves of Verduria all because of an ancient gold coin. But this time, Hole will be able to demonstrate that on top of being an axe that makes holes, he is also a great hero.



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