Octaedro Editorial

“Canon y educación literaria” and “Los secretos de un aprendizaje” are among this month's releases.

Cuento de Luz

Cuento de Luz is releasing is releasing “Inside my imagination”/ “Dentro de mi imaginación”, written by Marta Arteaga and illustrated by Zuzanna Cele.


The Spanish publisher's October releases include “Evolución, historia de la humandiad” and “Gladiador, el manual del guerero romano.”

Small Publishers Commission at the Madrid Publishers Association

The 51st edition of Bibliodiversidad magazine is now available.

Grupo Anaya

This months catalog includes releases by Algaida, Alianza Editorial, Anaya ele, Anaya Infantil y Juvenil, Anaya, Multimedia, Anaya Touring, Barcanova, Bóveda, Cátedra, Larousse, Oberón, Pirámide, Tecnos, Vox and Xerais. Plus Agenda (calendar of events), Agenda Gráfica (past events photos), social networks and ebook releases.

'Trópicos De Gutenberg' is one of Trama Editorial's latest releases

The essay collection by Adolfo Castañón is about the world of book publishing and its characters.

Plaza y Valdés

The publisher announces the release of “Estados Unidos 3.0”, “La familia Kafka” and “Claroscuros Científicos”.

Habla con Eñe

The latests newsletter, “especially for teachers”, presents “El mundo en español: lecturas de cultura y civilización.” levels A2 and B. Check them out.

Editorial Planeta

See the latest releases from Editorial Planeta Mexicana.

Cuento de Luz

The children's book publisher is releasing “Mom goes to war”/ “Mamá se va a la guerra”, written by Irene Aparici and based on a true story: a mother fighting breast cancer. Illustrated by Mónica Carretero.

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