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Boletín de Revistas Culturales' newsletter features “Arquitectura viva”, “Fluor” and “Historia Social”, among other magazines released this month.


Check out the Anaya Infantil y Juvenil latest releases.


“De la nueva miseria”, “Las primeras civilizaciones” and “Entre la historia y el mito” are among the publisher's featured releases in its latest newsletter.

Plaza y Valdés

Read about “Wittgenstein: Arte y filosofía”, “Migración laboral international” and “El pino y las mieninas” , the publisher's releases for this month.

Cuento de Luz

The children’s book publishers introduces a very special friend to its readers: “Dorothy, a different kind of friend”.

Cuento de Luz

The children’s book publisher is making noise with it latest release: “A very, very noisy tractor”.

Siglo XXI

See the publisher's latest releases.

Arce, Boletín de Revistas Culturales

“Exit, Imagen y Cultura”, “Reales Sitios” and “Abaco”, are some of the magazines featured this month. It also includes the latest industry news.

Grupo Anaya

March's catalog includes releases by Algaida, Alianza Editorial, Anaya, Anaya ELE, Anaya Multimedia, Anaya Touring, Barcanova, Bóveda, Bruño, Cátedra, Larousse, Oberon, Ediciones Pirámide, Salvat, Tecnos, Vox and Xerais.

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