Boletín Eñeqeñe

Featuring the summer releases: “Cuaderno de Verano” and “Vente” 1 and 2. Plus access to online tools Edelsa has to offer.

Octaedro Editorial

The publisher's June releases are “El día que mi abuela envejeció” and “Estrellas con palomitas y otros descubrimientos.”


These releases, exclusively for libraries, include “Galaxia Gutenberg,” “VISOR Libros” and “Anthropos,” among others.

Cuento de Luz

The Spanish children's publisher unveils its summer releases.

Arce, Boletín de Revistas Culturales

In this issue, read about Arce's presence in Madrid Book Fair, interviews, articles and releases such us AV Proyectos EUROPAN 12; LÁPIZ, Revista Internacional de Arte; Revista de Estudios Orteguianos, and more.

Plaza y Valdés

Charron's “La investigación de ecosalud en la práctica.”

Boletín Eñeqeñe

Edelsas's latest newsletter features their “aula virtual” where students have access to learning activities, and a site for teachers, with lost of resources and ideas. Plus a calendar of upcoming events and links to Eñeqeñe's blogs.

Arce, Boletín de Noticias Culturales

Featuring the latest industry's news and magazine's releases such as “Dirigido por,” “L'Avenç,” and “Inframuros.”


Learn about their latest releases such as “CAT: El día de la Guerra” and “El Tercer Chimalli,” among other titles out this spring.

Editorial Biblioteca Nueva / Minerva Ediciones

The catalog with the latest releases include specs, synopsis, information about the author and what sets each title apart.

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