Nowtilus Editions releases the immortal work of literature: “The Amadis Of Gaul” April 9th

Fernando Bartolomé, Spanish and Literature professor and a scholar of culture and history of the Golden Age, has reviewed and updated the original text of this classic adventure novel.

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Ediciones Nowtilus new releases

Ediciones Nowtilus March-April catalog is now available.

ARCE Cultural Magazines March 1st New Releases

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Anaya Multimedia offers online resources to easily browse its catalog

Take advantage of the publisher's links to browse photography, digital gadgets, social media and Apple categories.

ANAYA Group March 2012 releases

This month's catalog includes releases by Algaida, Alianza Editorial, Anaya Educación, Anaya Ele, Anaya Infantil Y Juvenil, Anaya Multimedia, Anaya Touring, Cátedra, Larousse, Pirámide, Tecnos, Vox, Xerais, Oberón, plus March's agenda.

SGEL's ELE digital newsletter is now available

Learn more about news, interviews and upcoming events offered by SEGEL, a Spanish as a second language publisher, in its ELE Digital newsletter.

Editorial Planeta New Releases

Check out Planeta's February new releases.

Santillana USA announces its Fiction/Non Fiction paperback releases

See Santillana USA's February releases.

Santillana USA announces its Fiction/Non Fiction new releases

Check up Santillana USA's February releases.

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