Get to know Malpaso, a publisher that believes in print and digital formats equally. Also read detailed information about Eduardo Lagos' “Siempre supe que volvería a verte”; Pablo Ramos' “El origen de la tristeza”, and many more titles.

Grupo Anaya

September releases are now available.

Punto y Coma

Author Angeles Mastretta talks about her latest book in the new edition of Punto y Coma. The magazine also features articles about Venezuela's new reality, a pick into the life of flamenco dancer Israel Galvan, the best restaurant in the world, and much more.

Arce, Boletín de Revistas Culturales

“Fluor”, “Historia Social” and “OjodePez”, are some of the magazines featured this month in the Boletín de Revistas Cultulrales' newsletter.

Akal Grupo Editorial

The publisher is releasing “Una reivindicación del buen comer” (A vindication of good eating), the written legacy of acclaimed chef Santi Santamaria. The book includes not only the most popular dishes offered at San Celoni and other restaurants owned by the chef, but also his philosophy on the art of the kitchen.

Anaya Infantil and Anaya Juvenil

Don't miss the publishers releases for the second half of the year.

Diabolo Ediciones

Check out latest releases like “Downtown”, “Recounting Streets” and “Tyrex” among others.


Check out the latest releases on the categories of “Universidades”, “Educación Hoy Estudios”, “Herramientas”, “Didáctica de las Operaciones Mentales”, “Educadores XXI” and “Primeros años”.

Punto y Coma

With a cover featuring a Salvador Dali's painting, the latest issue of “Punto y Coma” not only invites readers to an exhibition of the Spanish painter's work, but also to learn more about the culture of Spanish speaking countries.


The catalog features the latest releases by Madrid independent publishers.

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