Boletín Eñe que Eñe

October newsletter features releases like the new “DELE B1 y B2” , “Fuera del entorno laboral” and “México, manual de civilización.”

Grupo Anaya

The October issue features the publisher's latest print and digital releases.

Arce, Boletín de Revistas Culturales

In its latest newsletter, Arce features its new 2013-2014 Catalog of Spain's cultural magazines. Plus the latest magazine releases like “Visual,” “ADE-Teatro,” “Abaco,” and “Debats,” among others.

Arce, Boletín de Revistas Culturales

Read about Arce in LIBER 2013 and other publishing news. Plus check out the latest releases of magazines such as “Arquitectura Viva”, “Exit”, “Ayer”, “Letras Libres” and many more.

LIBER 2013 Exhibitors

Check out the catalogs from this years exhibitors at LIBER.

Editorial Biblioteca Nueva / Minerva Ediciones

“Fronteras de la ciencia,” “El evangelio del diablo” and “Regeneracionismo autoritario” are some of the titles released this month.

Arce, Boletín de Revistas Culturales

Read about Arce's presence in the Puerto Rico International Book Fair and industry news. The newsletter also features magazines like “AV Monografías”, “Arte y Parte” and “Actores”, among others.


The 2013 catalog is available with Lectorum's offerings on children's literature in Spanish, for grades K to 8th.

Boletín Eñe que Eñe

September newsletter features next month's release of “Preparación a los DELE” latest edition. It also includes information on “Código ELE 3”, “META ELE”, “Embarque” and, for the advanced students, “¡A Debate!”.


Get to know Malpaso, a publisher that believes in print and digital formats equally. Also read detailed information about Eduardo Lagos' “Siempre supe que volvería a verte”; Pablo Ramos' “El origen de la tristeza”, and many more titles.

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