New Releases from Editorial Libros de Seda

"Libros de Seda" is specialized in romatic and erotic books. This publisher offers a quality product that covers the high demand of this type of narrative in the Spanish and Latinamerican Markets.

Editorial Juventud New Releases February 2018

Editorial Juventud was founded by José Zendreran in 1923 in Barcelona. In its early years Juventud was specialized in children and young adult titles. It pioneered paperback books.

E-Catalog Fragmentos from Fragmenta Editorial

FRAGMENTA is an independent publisher that prints classic and essay books in the field of religion, in other words: it publishes "non-religious books on different religions", books that can be read by anyone.

New Releases from Ediciones del Laberinto

Ediciones del Laberinto was created by José Ortega del Blanco and two other partners in 1989. In its early years Laberinto only published philosophy and humanities textbooks. Now they have a wide range of topics: children, young adults, essays, etc.

New Releases from Diábolo Ediciones

Diábolo Ediciones, is a publishing company born in 2006 specialized in comics . In 2008 Diábolo was nominated as the best Publisher in the Diario de Avisos Awards. Diábolo currently publishes in Spain and the United States,.

New Releases from Editorial Contra

Editorial Contra was born in July 20111 in Barcelona. The publisher is focused on high-end cultural books in the fields of music, sports and movies.

CincoTintas E-Catalog

Cinco Tintas is an independent publishing house founded in 2015 and based in Barcelona. It was born from the passion and enthusiasm of two siblings. CincoTintas is specialized in illustrated practical manuals.

New Releases from NubeOcho

NubeOcho is specialized in Children Picture Books. They've been publishing since 2011 and ever since, they have received several awards.

Almadraba Editorial Catalog

Almadraba Editorial is a publishing company founded in Barcelona in 1994 by professionals in the education field. Initially, they devoted themselves to the publication of language for the Catalonian market, but soon they diversified their offer in order to publish educational material from other areas and for all the autonomous communities.

Editorial Almuzara Book Collections

Grupo Almuzara is an Andalusian publishing group, officially created on April 23, 2004 in the city of Córdoba, (Spain). Created by the former Minister of Labor, Manuel Pimentel, and based in Córdoba, its catalog has more than 1,600 titles, both fiction and non-fiction.

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