Lo que está por venir

Author: Pablo de Aguilar González
- Fiction
- Ediciones del Serbal
- ISBN: 9788476288207
- Release Date: 06-04-2015
-Reviewed by: Alisa Newman

Lo que está por venir is a well-written, enjoyable read that should appeal to fans of historical fiction, anyone interested in the Spanish Civil War or art, and readers who enjoy romance and adventure.  It is the story of a number of interconnected characters struggling to survive this turbulent period in Spain’s history with their ideals and moral standards intact.  In addition to a compelling plot, the novel offers insights into the divisions in Spanish politics and society at the time, and their place within the broader European context.  Especially interesting are the tensions within the Republican cause (communists, anarchists, bohemian types, etc.).  An additional revelation is the heroic efforts of the wartime art protection committee, which moved priceless works from the Prado Museum around the country to save them from destruction during the conflict.  All of these insights make the novel a valuable addition to the body of fiction about the Spanish Civil War.

Critiques include the way the same set of characters seem to continue encountering each other, despite the vast geography in which the story is set and the chaos of wartime.  It is a stretch to believe that their paths would continue to cross so neatly.


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