Erick Vogler # 1: Y los crímenes del rey blanco

Author: Beatriz Osés
- Fiction
- Edebé
- ISBN: 9788468312842
- Release Date: 08-15-2016
-Reviewed by: Madeline Peña

Erik Vogler y los crímenes del rey blanco is a hard-to-put-down and entertaining crime novel written for tweens/young adults—an audience often neglected in Spanish language literature.  While reading the first of twenty seven short chapters, I could not stop thinking how Erik Vogler was a character destined for more than one book, and was pleased to find out this was in fact part of a series. 

Eccentric, obsessive, neat freak, antisocial and yet delightful, Erik Vogler is a character readers in any language will fall in love with. This 15-year-old antihero ends up solving a string of mysterious murders happening in a small town in Germany, thanks to his wits and a little help from the supernatural world, but not without putting his life in grave danger—and ruining his beloved Italian shoes. Up until the last word, the book keeps readers glued to the page as the mystery unfolds, the serial killer is revealed, and Erik is saved from a certain death by his grandmother and his new friend Albert.

Well-written, fast paced and humorous, Erik Vogler y los crímenes del rey blanco is a thriller that will surely entertain and engage younger YA readers. 


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