Mientras duermen los murciélagos

Author: Emilio Aragón Bermúdez
- Fiction
- Planeta
- ISBN: 9788408006077
- Release Date: 01-02-2012
-Reviewed by: Virginia Benmaman

I cannot remember when in my recent completion of a book that I so eagerly read MIENTRAS DUERMEN LOS MURCIELAGOS written by EMILIO ARAGON BERMUDEZ. The author’s almost poetic style in his descriptions of the protagonists during their long journey allows the reader entry into their thoughts, identify with their fears, past and present along with their frustrations and concerns about what might occur during the perilous journey ahead. Humor and sadness, fear and hope were embedded in all the individuals in this journey. This book was a page-turner of an adventure during which the reader continued in the participation and with some apprehension of what lay ahead of them. MIENTRAS DUERMEN LOS MURCIELAGOS is a delightful read.

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