Coser y contar

Author: Angeles Navarro
- Non-Fiction
- Combel Editorial
- ISBN: 9788498258585
- Release Date: 10-01-2014
-Reviewed by: Teresa Mlawer

In this unusual but entertaining book-kit, children will read a story that involves eight animal friends.  The kit includes one book, 8 cards representing the main characters, some wool and a plastic needle which is completely safe for small children to use. 

Children will not only learn a lesson about cooperation and working together but they will also learn how to thread a needle and decorate each of the 8 characters introduced in the story.

This is a good book to engage preschoolers, and to teach them about planting fruits and vegetables and eating healthy.    

The author has a degree in psychology and works with small children in developing their motor skills through activities and games. She has published more than one hundred books and has sold more than 5 million copies of her work. She has received numerous awards. 


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