Memoria Por Correspondencia

Author: Emma Reyes
- Non-Fiction
- Libros del Asteroide
- ISBN: 9788416213221
- Release Date: 01-01-2012
-Reviewed by: Milly C. Lugo-Rios

Emma Reyes’ book encapsulates a period of time in her life.  The narrative is simple, direct, and honest. Memoria por Correspondencia is an interesting and absorbing book.  While the plot is not new, it carries with it enough cultural nuances to make it an appealing read.

Written in epistolary format, Reyes maintains control of the story line throughout the book.  The series of letters provide continuity in this memoir that spans several years of her youth.  The book editors provide readers with an update on Reyes’ life after the period covered by the letters.

The subject matter is a common theme in the lives of many children who, by reasons out of their control, find themselves at the mercy of an unwelcoming adult world.  The case of the Orphan Trains in the 1930s and Operation Pedro Pan in the 1960s and 70s are just a few historical examples depicting circumstances similar to Reyes experiences.  Reyes, however, has the ability to treat this theme in a unique and personal way.  


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