Versos de colores

Author: Carlos Reviejo
- Poetry / Essay
- Ediciones SM
- ISBN: 9788467553635
- Release Date: 05-16-2012
-Reviewed by: Teresa Mlawer

This is a beautiful collection of poems about colors.  Each poem is beautifully illustrated as a double page.  Small children will learn about the colors and discover the wonderful world of poetry.

An anthology of 30 beautiful poems, with color as the central theme, that recreates images, both visual and written, about nature, animals, persons, places and things familiar to the young reader. The illustrations and the texts blend together in perfect harmony to delight children and adults alike.


Carlos Reviejo was born in a small town in Ávila. He wanted to be a writer from the time he discovered the world and like Peter Pan refuses to grow up.  In addition to writing, he also teaches at an elementary school.  He has written several books and many of them have received awards.


Xavier Salomó was born in Sabadell, Barcelona.  He has a master in Art History and currently works illustrating children’s books for many publishers in Spain and other countries.  He was won many awards for his illustrations.



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