Una historia sencilla

Author: Leila Guerriero
- Non-Fiction
- Anagrama
- ISBN: 9788433997678
- Release Date: 01-30-2014
-Reviewed by: Madeline Peña

Una historia sencilla, is a non-fiction story told with the dramatic techniques of a novel. Both the title and beginning of the book fail at revealing how profound and engaging the story is. It is the story of Malambo, an Argentinean traditional folk dance that requires intense footwork; the story of the Festival Nacional de Malambo de Laborde, the most prestigious, mysterious and little-known dance competition in Argentina; and also the story of the dancers, specifically of Rodolfo González Alcántara.

Una historia sencilla was an enjoyable read. Once into the thrilling and touching story of Rodolfo González Alcántara—a man who worked hard to achieve his dream—the book becomes impossible to put down. It is also hard to fight the desire to see and experience, even if only by photos and videos, the town of Laborde, the dancing of Malambo, and the great gaucho-dancers who perform a majestic dance of Olympic proportions. 

Argentinean journalist and author Leila Guerriero has earned the praise of Mario Vargas Llosa, who considers her works “proof that journalism can also be a fine art.” She has also published Los suicidas del fin del mundo (2005), Frutos extraños (2009), and Plano Americano (2010). Her works have not been translated into English.

Since its publication in September 2013, Una historia sencilla has been acquired by nearly 20 universities in the U.S. The cultural value of the book is undeniable; the author richly illustrates (and preserves) a little-known but fascinating part of Argentinean traditional folklore.    


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