2012 GUÍA GOURMETS: Los mejores vinos de España

Author: Various Authors
- Non-Fiction
- Grupo Gourmets
- ISBN: 9788495754660
- Release Date: 11-01-2011
-Reviewed by: Teresa Mlawer

This is a very comprehensive guide to wines from Spain. The book explains in detail the process of wine tasting from the time that samples are requested and received from thousands of vineyards throughout Spain until they are tasted by members of Grupo Gourmets.  It also describes the process of “Blind Tasting” whereby it will be impossible for the tasters to know where the wine comes from.

The book also includes the following features:

1) Labels of the best wines in Spain, referencing the page where the wines are described, the ratings they received, and the selling price.  The labels are grouped by the various kinds of wine:  white, red, sherry, sparkling wines, Reserva, Gran Reserva, Crianza, etc.    

2) A list of current and past award winners.

3) Detailed maps of the wine regions of Spain and locations of the vineyards.

4) Pictures of the different grapes grown in Spain.

5) A list of the best restaurants in Spain.  

6) One of the most interesting aspects of this guide is the information about all the cycles involved from the time the grapes are planted until they are harvested and turned into wine.   The guide also discusses the different types of wine bottles and corks available in the market today, and how they have changed and improved over the years.


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