Diccionario de americanismos

Author: Real Academia Española
- Reference
- Taurus
- ISBN: 9788430617517


"El Diccionario de americanismos recoge todas las palabras propias del español usado en América, tanto las autóctonas de ese continente como las nacidas en España, pero que han cambiado de significado allí, o que pese a haber desaparecido del habla cotidiana en nuestro país se conservan vivas en las variedades americanas del español.• Incluye más de 100.000 palabras con información detallada sobre las características geográficas, sociales y culturales del uso de cada una de las acepciones registradas.

"An essential reference tool for all Spanish-speakers interested in gaining an in-depth understanding of their language, and for those interested in the differences between the Spanish that is spoken in their country and the Spanish spoken by neighboring countries. The dictionary includes words that are native to the Americas as well as those that originated in Spain but whose meaning has been modified. It also lists words that although no longer used in Spain, are kept alive in the different varieties of Latin American Spanish.
• Over 70,000 words, complex lexemes and phrases
• Over 120,000 meanings
• Clear, precise and objective definitions organized semantically and by frequency of use
• Each definition is accompanied by indications of use
• Each meaning is signaled geographically
• Most words include synonyms and variants, as well as etymology or origin
• Phrases, proverbial phrases, formulas for treatment, communication and lexicalization
• Sociolinguistic distinctions (socio-economic level, linguistic style, social value) for each meaning

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