Antología poética: Antonio Machado

Author: Antonio Machado
- Poetry / Essay
- Alfaguara Infantil
- ISBN: 9786070124457
- Release Date: 04-15-2015


Antonio Machado’s poetry is the fruit of a profound reflection on the human being ?thoughts, feelings and core worries. With sublime lyrical language, the selected poems contained in this book reveal the beating heart of a man who lived his life intensely and whose poetry bears witness to his passing. A complete study of the work, the author and his time as well as some explanatory notes to assist in the complete understanding of the work, are included here.

This anthology compiles Machado’s most influential poems, spanning his entire literary career. It also includes a study that synthesizes the historical and cultural context, outlines a biography of the author, collects the opinions of prestigious critics, and is completed with a timeline and an annotated bibliography. This is an ideal introduction for young readers that will give them access to the works of one of the greatest poets of the “Generation of 68.”

La poesía de Antonio Machado es el resultado de una reflexión sobre el ser humano, sus sentimientos y sus preocupaciones. En los poemas que se seleccionan en este libro se revela, pues, el corazón de un hombre que vivió intensamente todo cuanto ocurrió a su alrededor.

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