Las aventuras de Tom Sawyer (bilingüe)

Author: Mark Twain
- Children/Young
- Editorial Sélector
- ISBN: 9786074536430
- Release Date: 02-28-2020


Tom is unforgettable and gets right into a person's imagination and heart. The book shows the joy of childhood as well as the acceptance of change. But most of all it reveals that we all have a little Tom Sawyer in us!
The New Times
 A story of classical literature for children. Each page includes two columns, one in English and one in Spanish, for bilingual reading facility.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer tells the story of Tom, a boy who lives in St. Petersburg, near the Mississippi River in the United States. Ben Rogers and Joe Harper are his friends, but the best of all is Huckleberry Finn, with whom he shares secrets and adventures. Tom does not like school. / Las aventuras de Tom Sawyer narra la historia de Tom, un niño que vive en San Petersburgo, Estados Unidos, cerca del Mississippi. Ben Rogers y Joe Harper son sus amigos, pero el mejor de todos es Huckleberry Finn, con quien comparte secretos y aventuras. A Tom no le gusta la escuela, pero le encanta jugar y divertirse. También valora mucho la amistad y la justicia.

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