Historias de fantasmas

Author: Susaeta Ediciones
- Children/Young
- Susaeta Ediciones
- ISBN: 9788467756708
- Release Date: 06-01-2019


Why is classroom 217 permanently closed? A story of ghosts blows through the School of Dance. Many students strive to write about them in extensive essays, attempting to describe the ghosts best—even their physical shape. Our friends in the Club of Outcasts put all their energy into discovering what is true about these ghost stories.

Contributor bio - Ana Victoria Vázquez is a writer, graphic designer, and editor.  She received a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and since 2005 has worked at different publishing houses as a copyeditor, designer,  and editor. She  is   the author of  El secreto de los Hawkins, and of two children’s literature series  La máquina del tiempo  and  Escuela de baile.

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