La filosofía, el terror y lo siniestro

Author: Vicente Serrano Marín
- Non-Fiction
- Plaza y Valdés
- ISBN: 9788417121051
- Release Date: 05-01-2019


While there were great thinkers throughout history who made reference to the concept of "terror" (Kant and the sublime, Hegel and the French post-revolutionary terror, Heidegger and the ontological meaning of the term, or the approach of psychoanalysis to the sinister), studies related to this topic are still scarce, and the few that exist lack the adequate depth to deal with this phenomenon. This edition has a series of texts written by recognized specialists (Vicente Serrano, Antonio Castilla, Arturo Leyte, Miguel Morey, Mauricio Mancilla Muñoz, Ana Carrasco Conde, Jorge Fernandez Gonzalo and Enrique Lynch) that enter fully into the subject terror and its main links with philosophy, psychoanalysis, literature and society in general. What is terror?

How is it represented in literature and cinema? What really is its political function? La filosofía, el terror y lo siniestro gives us the key to access these and other issues and opens avenues of reflection that are of vital importance to understanding the springs that operate behind our contemporary society.

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