Una figura en las sombras

Author: John Bellairs
- Children/Young
- Alfaguara Infantil
- ISBN: 9786073175920
- Release Date: 05-20-2019


La segunda parte del clásico del suspense juvenil La casa del reloj en la pared,

¡la película familiar del año!

Lewis, el aprendiz de mago, está convencido de que la moneda de la suerte de su abuelo Barnavelt es en realidad un talismán mágico. Con su poder…¡podría hacer todo lo que quisiera! Pero pronto empiezan a ocurrir cosas muy muy extrañas.

¿Ha despertado Lewis una fuerza que escapa de su control? 

A classic fantasy/mystery from critically acclaimed novelist John Bellairs

Lewis thought the amulet would bring him good luck—instead, it brought nothing but evil. Lewis is sure that Grandpa Barnavelt’s 1859 lucky coin is really a magic talisman in disguise. With its power, he could do anything he wante—like get back at bully Woody Mingo. But as soon as he begins wearing the coin around his neck, strange things start to happen. Mysterious letters arrive in the dead of night. A strange, shadowy figure seems to be tracking him. And when Lewis finally gets his revenge on Woody, he feels as if someone else is inside his body, urging him to go even further. Has Lewis awakened a force beyond his control?

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