Omnia: Todo lo que puedas soñar

Author: Laura Gallego
- Fiction
- Montena
- ISBN: 9788490439944
- Release Date: 01-22-2019


Cuando Nico tira a la basura por accidente el peluche favorito de su hermana pequeña, no duda en buscar en internet uno igual para reemplazarlo. Pero un error informático inesperado lo conducirá hasta el mismo corazón de Omnia, un inmenso y extraordinario almacén en el que la búsqueda del peluche será solo el comienzo de una emocionante aventura.

Where else but Omnia would a boy go looking to replace a one-of-a-kind stuffed bunny that happens to be his baby sister’s favorite toy? Scrolling through the online retailer’s extensive inventory, Nico finds what looks like a perfect match, but the item is lost somewhere in the vast Omnia warehouse. He doesn’t believe it, so he stows away in a shipment being returned to the warehouse to search for the bunny himself. Nico quickly gets stranded on the island of Omnia, a fantastical place that does much more than sell everyday items. It is a hub for a business with intergalactic reach, and while stray visitors to Omnia are welcomed warmly, they are not permitted to leave, ever. The adventure of a lifetime awaits Nico as he searches for the beloved toy and tries to find a way to return home.


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