Cuentos con amor para un mundo mejor

Author: Begoña Oro, Marisa Morea
- Children/Young
- Beascoa
- ISBN: 9788448851057
- Release Date: 09-25-2018


Después de Cuentos bonitos para quedarse fritos, Cuentos con amor para un mundo mejor ofrece una colección de historias molonas que nos enseñan a ser buenas personas, a compartir, a cuidar el planeta, a tener paciencia y respeto…¡¡Y a no pedir las cosas a gritos!! Érase una vez un niño pequeño que pedía a gritos: -¡¡Léeme un cuento!! -No quiero contar cuentos sin ton ni son -le dijo su madre con preocupación-, lo que yo quiero son bonitos cuentos que te hagan bonito a ti por dentro. -Pues cuéntame cuentos, mamá, con amor. -Vale, lo haré. ¿Por qué? -¡Por favor!

This wonderful children’s book offers a collection of stories that will teach the little ones how to be a good person, it will teach them how to share, how to take care of our planet, to be patient and be respectful of others, and very importantly, to ask for things in a well-mannered tone. There once was a boy who screamed and demanded for his mother to read him stories: “Read me a story!!” “I will not tell stories with no meaning just because you demand it,” she would reply, “I want to tell beautiful stories that will also make you beautiful on the inside.” “Then tell me beautiful stories mom, with love,” he would consent.

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