El sutra del corazón

Author: Red Pine
- Religion
- Editorial Edaf
- ISBN: 9788441428201
- Release Date: 08-30-2018


De El Sutra del Corazón se ha dicho que es el budismo condensado en unas pocas líneas. También conocido como Sutra de la esencia de la sabiduría es uno de los textos fundamentales del budismo, especialmente para la escuela Mahayana y forma parte de lo que se denomina literaturaPrajnaparamita. El mantra final que contiene es. sin duda, el más conocido por el budismo chino, el zen y el buidsmo tibetano. Un texto fundamental en una versión extensamente comentada debida a un especialista de la talla de Red Pine que ha hecho que sea considerada como imprescindible para acceder a la más pura esencia del budismo.

Written with the head of a scholar and the heart of a poet, Red Pine creates a rare gem to behold in your hands, in your heart, for years to come. The Heart Sutra is an evaluation of how we think, and at the same time, an attempt to take us back to our pre-knowledge minds, to our original face, before we were born.

The Heart Sutra is Buddhism in a nutshell. It has had the most profound and wide-reaching influence of any text in Buddhism. This short text covers more of the Buddha’s teachings than any other scripture, and it does so without being superficial or hurried. Although the original author is unknown, he was clearly someone with a deep realization of the Dharma.

For this new English translation, Red Pine, award-winning translator of Chinese poetry and religious texts, has utilized various Sanskrit and Chinese versions, refining the teachings of dozens of ancient teachers together with his own commentary to offer a profound word-for-word explication. Divided into four parts and broken into thirty-five lines to make it easier to study or chant, and containing a glossary of names, terms, and texts, The Heart Sutra is a wise book of deep teaching destined to become the standard edition of this timeless statement of Mahayana truth.

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