Tus zonas mágicas

Author: Wayne W. Dyer
- Non-Fiction
- Debolsillo
- ISBN: 9788499083605
- Release Date: 07-31-2018


Con Tus zonas mágicas el lector accederá al milagro cotidiano de aproximarse a la perfección. ¿Solo existe la realidad tangible, la que reconocemos por nuestros  sentidos?. ¿No existirá también una realidad «subyacente», sin desarrollar en la mayoría de los seres, pero que daría a estos un  ilimitado poder para realizar sus vidas con plenitud?. 

Wayne W. Dyer afirma que sí. Afirma la existencia de una realidad mágica en cada uno, una poderosa  parcela espiritual que está esperando ser descubierta para ser utilizada  como un único fin posible: lograr lo mejor para uno mismo y para los otros.

n this inspirational guide, Wayne Dyer, the author of the phenomenal bestsellers Wisdom of the Ages, Pulling Your Own Strings, and Your Erroneous Zones, reveals seven beliefs central to working miracles in our everyday lives. When most of us think of magic, we picture a man in a black cape sawing a woman in half, or a sleight-of-hand card trick. But there's another kind of magic – real magic – that can enrich your life. According to Dyer, real magic means creating miracles in everyday life. Quitting smoking or drinking, achieving new Job success, or finding a happy relationship – these are all miracles because they transcend our perceived limitations. From "creating a miracle mind-set" and achieving change in the areas of personal health, prosperity, and fulfilling love relationships to believing in the magic of miracles on a global scale, Dyer shows us that miracles within our reach and within our own minds. In Real Magic, Dyer teaches us how to achieve a higher level of consciousness. He asks us to imagine what would make us happy, then offers specific strategies for attaining these goals. In every aspect of our individual lives – physical health, finances, intimate relationships, and personal identity – there is always room for a miracle or two. And with Dyer's help, each and every one of us can be a miracle worker.

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