Cuando el desierto florece

Author: Prem Rawat
- Non-Fiction
- Aguilar
- ISBN: 9781949061130
- Release Date: 07-31-2018


Deja que estas historias e ilustraciones te descubran lo esencial: la simple realidad de que tú, ahora, estás vivo. Si no entiendes que este hecho en sí mismo es una fuente de felicidad, aún te falta una pieza clave del rompecabezas.» 

Después de haberse dirigido a más de quince millones de personas en 250 ciudades de los cinco continentes, en este libro Prem Rawat comparte su mensaje único, sus conocimientos prácticos y sus inspiradoras historias. En 2016 el proyecto Raise a Book de Tohan (la mayor empresa de distribución de libros de Japón) eligió Cuando el desierto florece por su contribución a la sociedad y por su extraordinario contenido y diseño.

Prem Rawat is an international speaker and peace ambassador , closely involved with peace education and has been speaking on the subject for over 50 years. He is an accomplished pilot and art photographer, married with four children. In this book Rawat uses his story telling skills, drawn from his travels around the world. The stories, of varying lengths, transcend culture and draw out simple meaning about the business of life: what success and prosperity really mean. This illustrated book, designed in Japan, has been nominated for a national award there. Book production and print quality is important to the publishers. It's a tactile hardback with an engaging cover, made with the finest paper and ink. The illustrator, Aya Shiroi, is very well known in her home country for her watercolour illustrations. Here she uses pen and ink line drawings to illustrate the author's words. In the second part of the book the editors show how Rawat's stories apply in real life, as he responds to questions from his audiences. Whether it's a mother, a healthcare professional, or a business leader. 

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