La Biblia y yo

Author: Lois Rock, Alida Massari
- Religion
- Origen Kids
- ISBN: 9781945540547
- Release Date: 07-31-2018


La Biblia y yo se ha escrito especialmente para presentar la historia de las buenas nuevas de Dios. Cuenta sobre su amor infalible y la venida de su hijo Jesucristo, quien, mediante su vida y enseñanzas, mostró cómo todas las personas pueden ser parte del reino de los cielos.  Estas historias de fe, esperanza y amor, terminan con un mensaje a seguir y una oportunidad para reflexionar. 

Thoughtfully retold, The Bible and Me begins with the faith stories of the Old Testament that tell of God’s unfailing love.

The New Testament describes the coming of God’s son Jesus Christ, who by his life and teaching showed how all people could be reconciled to God. Finally, the stories of Jesus’ friends and followers are that of their faith, hope, and love. Each story ends with a prayer, psalm, or passage for reflection. Lois Rock and Alida Massari have teamed up to create a Bible story book full of inspiration and delight, sure to elicit moments of contemplation. Thoughtfully written, each section begins with a Bible quote and ends with a prayer or psalm that fits the theme of the story to help you reflect further on what you have read. Alida Massari's illustrations fit perfectly with the meditative theme, being both richly coloured and deeply peaceful. Includes 20 stories across the Old and New Testaments.

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