De la estupidez a la locura: Crónicas para el futuro que nos espera

Author: Umberto Eco
- Non-Fiction
- Debolsillo
- ISBN: 9788466342209
- Release Date: 05-29-2018


La obra póstuma de Umberto Eco, que el autor entregó a imprenta pocos días antes de morir, es una selección de artículos inéditos en España, seleccionados por él mismo. Una sucesión de pequeños placeres intelectuales. «Cuando yo era joven, había una diferencia importante entre ser famosos y estar en boca de todos. La mayoría querían ser famosos por ser el mejor deportista o la mejor bailarina, pero a nadie le gustaba estar en boca de todos por ser el cornudo del pueblo o una puta de poca monta# en el futuro esta diferencia ya no existirá: con tal de que alguien nos mire y hable de nosotros, estaremos dispuestos a todo.» Estas palabras son un buen ejemplo de lo que nos ofrece De la estupidez a la locura, una serie de artículos que Umberto Eco publicó en prensa a lo largo de quince años y seleccionó personalmente poco antes de dejarnos.

“When I was young, there was a distinct difference between being famous and having everybody know you for something. The majority wanted to be famous for being the best soccer player or for being a great ballerina, but nobody liked to be talked about around town for having been cheated on, or for being a two-bit broad. In the future there won’t be any difference between these two, as long as anyone so much as looks at us, we will be willing to do anything.” This is a great example of what From Stupidity to Insanity offers us, a series of newspaper articles that Umberto Eco published throughout fifteen years, and ones that he personally selected before his death. Within these pages you will find internationally renown celebrities and also some of Eco’s most beloved fictional characters like James Bond and some comic characters. He brings back, as he often did, the yearning for the past, an ironic reflection about power, and criticism of an ever growing consumption mentality that leave us full of things but empty of ideas. Genius, wisdom, and sense of humor all take form in this book, a worthy farewell to a great teacher.

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