Festín de muertos

Author: Raquel Castro
- Children/Young
- Editorial Océano de México
- ISBN: 9786077355205
- Release Date: 04-01-2018


The zombie trend, which which has resulted in books, TV series, movies, has been acquired by the hands of two Mexican authors with renewed vigor and peculiar characters. This anthology unites several dark and violent stories that, without a doubt, will delight young readers. It’s a sign of terror made in Mexico in which we find the same young narrators that consecrated such figures. Both groups provide us with tales of great quality and startling effectiveness. Among the numerous authors included in this anthology are Bernardo Fernández “Bef”, Bernardo Esquinca, Luis Jorge Boone, Cecilia Eudave, Alberto Chimal, José Luis Zárate, Karen Chacek and Norma Lazo.

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