Ángeles en mi cabello

Author: Lorna Byrne
- Religion
- Editorial Océano de México
- ISBN: 9786075272276
- Release Date: 04-01-2018


When you start to accept the fact that angels exist, you start to feel their presence in your life. Some say that angels have always been present, waiting for you to realize that they are there. They want you to know that there are many things in life that you cannot simply see. Through the chronicles of her amazing life and her communication with angels, Lorna Byrne invites the reader to recognize that these spiritual beings are always by our side, ready to help us come out ahead, even in difficult circumstances. This book is a testimony full of hope and love that can transform readers who are ready to believe in themselves, and in divine power, and will help us confront, without fear, the mishaps and crises that afflict us all. It includes blessings and a special message from the author.

Mediante la crónica de su sorprendente vida y su comunicación con ángeles, Lorna Byrne invita al lector a reconocer que estos seres espirituales siempre están a nuestro lado, dispuestos a ayudarnos a salir adelante incluso en las circunstancias más difíciles. Se trata de un testimonio lleno de esperanza y amor que transformará a los lectores dispuestos a creer en sí mismos y en el poder de lo divino, y los ayudará a enfrentar sin temor las vicisitudes y las crisis que a todos nos aquejan.

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