El gran salto

Author: Jonathan Lee
- Fiction
- Libros del Asteroide
- ISBN: 978-8417007058
- Release Date: 03-01-2018


In September 1984, a bomb was planted at the Grand Hotel in the seaside town of Brighton, England, set to explode in twenty-four days when the British prime minister and her entire cabinet would be staying there.High Dive not only takes us inside this audacious assassination attempt—a decisive act of violence on the world stage—but also imagines its way into a group of unforgettable characters. Over the course of a mere four weeks, as the prime minister’s arrival draws closer, each of their lives will be transformed forever. A bold, astonishingly intimate novel of laughter and heartbreak, High Dive is a moving portrait of clashing loyalties, guilt and regret, and how individuals become the grist of history.

En septiembre de 1984, un hombre que se hace llamar Roy Walsh se hospeda en el Grand Hotel de Brighton para colocar una bomba. Su objetivo es que veinticuatro días más tarde la explosión acabe con la vida de Margaret Thatcher y todo su gabinete.

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