Ojos de lobo

Author: Javier Sobrino, Lucie Müllerová
- Children/Young
- Thule Ediciones
- ISBN: 9788416817030
- Release Date: 03-01-2018


It’s bedtime, but the dark is scary, so Arián starts to play with his toys: a bear, a tiger, a dragon, and a kitten. Then everyone gets involved: Little Red Riding Hood, mommy, Puss in Boots, daddy…with everyone there, Arián can finally get to sleep.

Es hora de dormir, pero la oscuridad da miedo, así que Arián se pone a jugar con sus muñecos: el osito, el tigre, el dragón, el gatito de trapo... Y luego llama a todo el mundo: a Caperucita, a mamá, al Gato con Botas, a papá... Cuando todos ellos por fin le acompañan, ya puede dormir tranquilo.

Javier Sobrino is a professor of elementary education in northern Spain, the director of illustration workshops and book fairs, and a children’s author. Lucie Müllerová holds a degree in graphic arts from the Linz University of Art and Design in Austria. She is the illustrator of many children’s books and has won various awards for her work.

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