Un espíritu invencible

Author: Nick Vujicic
- Religion
- Aguilar
- ISBN: 9781947783249
- Release Date: 03-27-2018


Ser un espíritu invencible es creer y lograr. Es tener fe en uno mismo, en nuestro talento y en nuestro propósito; y, sobre todo, en el gran amor de Dios y su plan divino para nuestra vida. Millones de personas en todo el mundo reconocen el rostro sonriente y el mensaje inspirador de Nick Vujicic. A pesar de haber nacido sin brazos ni piernas, los retos que enfrentó no le impidieron disfrutar de grandes aventuras, de una carrera plena y gratificante, y de relaciones amorosas satisfactorias. En Ser un espíritu invencible_, Nick nos cuenta cómo ha enfrentado adversidades y circunstancias tales como: – Pensamientos y adicciones autodestructivas – Problemas en las relaciones amorosas – Desafíos profesionales y laborales, – Bullying, hostigamiento e intolerancia – Enfermedades y discapacidad – Desequilibrio de cuerpo, mente y espíritu Nick explica, usando experiencias propias y ajenas, cómo cualquier persona que desee “una vida ridículamente feliz”, puede hacerle frente a esos problemas, para convertirse en Un espíritu invencible.

Being unstoppable is about believing and achieving. It’s about having faith in yourself, your talents, your purpose, and most of all, in God’s great love and His divine plan for your life. Millions around the world recognize the smiling face and inspirational messages of Nick Vujicic. Born without arms or legs, Nick has not allowed his physical challenges to keep him from enjoying great adventures, a fulfilling and meaningful career, and loving relationships. Nick has overcome trials and hardships by focusing on the promises that he was created for a unique and specific purpose, that his life has value and is a gift to others, and that even though he may endure hardships, God is always present and in control. Nick credits his success to the power that is unleashed when we put our faith into action. But how does that happen? In Unstoppable Nick offers guidance and inspiration for dealing with: – Personal crises – Self-destructive thoughts, emotions, and addictions – Relationship issues – Bullying, persecution, cruelty, and intolerance – Career and job challenges – Imbalance in body, mind, heart, and spirit – Health and disability concerns – Feeling out of control In sharing compelling stories of his own experiences and those of many others,Nick explains how anyone can create a “ridiculously good life” and become unstoppable. What’s standing in your way? Are you ready to become unstoppable 

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