Ojalá te enamores

Author: Alejandro Ordóñez
- Poetry / Essay
- Altea
- ISBN: 9786073158053
- Release Date: 01-30-2018


Ojalá la encuentres. Lo digo en serio. Ojalá encuentres a esa persona que haga volar las horas, que te pinte un mundo a todo color y te lo haga vivir. Alguien a quien no le importe el pasado y que se empeñe en crear un presente mágico con tintes de futuro. Alguien que entienda cómo eres, que te quiera así y que no trate de cambiar nada en ti.

It includes the most emblematic texts from the blog and lots of previously unpublished content! I hope you find her. I’m serious. I hope you find that person who makes the hours fly by, who paints your world in color and who makes you live it. Someone who doesn’t care about the past and who insists on creating a present that is magical, with hints of the future. Someone who understands how you are, who loves you that way, and who does not try to change anything about you.

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