La noche que Wendy aprendió a volar

Author: Martín Farrero, Andreu
- Children/Young
- Promolibro
- ISBN: 9788498450286
- Release Date: 01-01-1970
-Reviewed by: America Reads Spanish

The plot of this interesting police procedural finds Wendy Aguilar, a twenty-three year old policewoman, immersed in a difficult case whose resolution will require all her intelligence and energy. A girl called Mon, at the forcible behest of some thieves whose chief is her mom’s boyfriend, steals a jewel called the “Eye of God” from a secret room of a mansion. The thieves have murdered the owner at the door and the policewoman investigates the crime. Wendy is taken by surprise by the gang, who try to kill her, but she is braver than even she thought she was, and, after escaping from the gang, nothing nor nobody can stifle her determination to solve such a complicated case.

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