Los herederos de la fuerza

Author: Alaminos, María
- Children/Young
- ISBN: 9788423688531
- Release Date: 01-01-1970
-Reviewed by: Phyllis Y. Adams, Salem HS

Blanca’s memory suffers the aftereffects of the grave accident which put her in a coma for several months. Nothing seems familiar and she thinks that everybody has confused her with another person called Ada. Subsequent events will lead her to assume that identity and live another life. She participates in strange meetings, goes to parties, and even falls in love. Finally, she discovers that the beings which surround her are forces of nature destined to complete a crucial mission. The narrative recounted in the first person by the protagonist, immerses the reader in such a way as to unravel the complex storyline, which mixes mythological elements with elements of the juvenile universe.

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