Por el camino de Ulectra

Author: Casariego Córdoba, Martín
- Children/Young
- ISBN: 9788467841237
- Release Date: 01-01-1970
-Reviewed by: America Reads Spanish

Based on an original idea, this novel is set in a dark future in order to reflect on the none too clear present. It is the year 2314 and some kids try to recover the ability to read in order to give back freedom to human beings In the Dark Years, people carry a chip in their brain that prevents them from choosing the knowledge they can acquire, since everything is already programmed to the last detail, including the day and time of death. The society is apparently happy, but Miguel Van Horne and Glaster Sanabu will embark, along with the intrepid Flecha, on dangerous missions to find out why their parents have died before their allotted time.

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