Doce preguntas a un piano

Author: Igerabide Sarasola, Juan Cruz
- Children/Young
- Edebe
- ISBN: 9788423681877
- Release Date: 01-01-1970
-Reviewed by: America Reads Spanish

Written in limpid, beautiful, almost perfect prose, this novel draws us close, in the most passionate manner, to the intense pain of an adolescent who has just lost her mother to a heart attack. There is no palliative for true pain. The traumatized mind of the young girl indulges in fantasy, tolerates music and acknowledges her father, but the emptiness of her heart is so profound that she can only ask questions that have no answers or questions that always end in the inexorable reality of death. Faith is useless and she will never yield or surrender to resignation. This story as is beautiful and as cruel as life.

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