Sóngoro cosongo.

Author: Nicolás Guillén.
- Poetry / Essay
- Alianza Editorial
- ISBN: 9788420618159
-Reviewed by: Lluís Agustí

The great Cuban poet Nicolás Guillén wrote that the following verses were born not composed: “In this land, mulata, of Africans and Spaniards, St. Barbara on one side and Changó on the other.” And it’s true, Nicolás Guillén’s poetry is a new poetry, a mestizo poetry, authentically musical, where the melody might be Spanish, but the rhythm is unmistakably African, a poetry which seems destined for song and for the dance, and which is based on the historical vindication of a color, the color black. Sóngoro cosongo is a book of poems which should be read aloud.

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