Noticias del Extranjero

Author: Pedro Lastra.
- Poetry / Essay
- Ediciones el Tucan de Virginia
- ISBN: 9789686756265
- Release Date: 01-01-1970
-Reviewed by: Gaspar Orozco

The first edition of News from Abroad was published a little over 25 years ago. During that period, this slim volume of poems has been reissued in numerous editions in various countries of the hemisphere. At the same time, slowly and patiently, new poems have been incorporated to its pages. The Chilean poet and academic Pedro Lastra (1932) locates the exact point between the immediate present and memory; from there, he names with absolute precision the beings and the absences which inhabit the days. For years a closely kept secret, News from Abroad is today, and justifiably so, a classic of Hispanic-American literature.

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