Author: Rubén Darío
- Poetry / Essay
- Catedra
- ISBN: 9788437613710
- Release Date: 01-01-1970
-Reviewed by: Claude Potts

No library is complete without a copy of both Cantos de vida y esperanza (Songs of Life and Hope) published in 1905 and this influential collection of poems on its shelves. Rubén Darío was the revered Nicaraguan poet and father of the Spanish-American literary movement known as modernismo – a fusion of the French Parnassian and Symbolist movements. Chilean writer and scholar Ariel Dorfman calls Darío “one of the world’s most splendid poets and one of the least known, particularly because of his revolutionary and hybrid style.” As a diplomat he traveled extensively, and lived in Chile, Argentina, and Spain. He is extolled for bringing Spanish-language poetry into the modern era, permanently altering its course.

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